2 Minutes with… Rene Tonon

Rene Tonon joined SysMech as a software engineer in 1997 and is now Business Development Manager. As part of our ‘2 Minutes with…’ blog series, Rene takes some time to tell us a little bit more about his career, the Telco industry, working at SysMech and his tech and non-tech passions. Q1: You’ve had a … Continued

Telcos come together to fix the network capacity crunch and make mobile broadband profitable

Broadband Traffic Management 2014 As you might be aware from our previous blogs we were in Barcelona last week for Broadband Traffic Management: the only event dedicated to helping operators resolve the network capacity crunch and develop strategies to make mobile broadband profitable. It was a very intensive – and insightful – few days of networking, … Continued

The E2E Myth

In the Telco world, everyone wants an “end-to-end, cross domain view of the network”, but does anyone actually have it?   There’s a lot of talk about E2E network visibility, but most organisations have a lot of point solutions being used to manage networks and then try and merge the disparate outputs. Rather than this … Continued

Will the real king of big data please stand up?

Whether it’s an invite to play Candy Crush Saga, a notification on how your sister’s crops are doing on Farmville or a status update containing your colleague’s latest high score on Angry Birds, it’s clear to everyone: social media has fuelled gaming to whole new levels. Hordes of developers from around the world are working … Continued

Telcos, what are your priorities for 2014?

–      Correlating fault management information with customer experience? And if not, why not?  Many businesses are winding down for Christmas, but numerous others, like us, are busy working out the focus areas for next year. Are you in the midst of your planning, and if so, what are your priorities for 2014? Network optimisation will … Continued