Service Operations Centre Software

See how Zen Service Operations Centre Software is uniting OSS and BSS, reducing potential revenue leakage and improving customer satisfaction.

Introducing Zen service operations centre software for telecoms


Industry needs

As the telecommunications market has become saturated, operators have embraced new ways to differentiate. For many, this differentiation comes in the form of a better quality of service. To achieve this, operators are embarking on a transition from network-centric operations to service-centric operations. However, old operational models have made this a challenge; network-focused teams have traditionally been technology-led, and must now embrace new structures, processes and toolsets to become service-led.

The transition towards service-centric operations has led to the advent of the Service Operations Centre (SOC). Sitting alongside, or embedded in the Network Operations Centre (NOC), the role of the SOC is to monitor the quality of the overall service, and take rapid actions to rectify service degradation and service outages that impact subscribers, often before they even happen. For a successful service operations centre, operators need an advanced analytics and prediction toolset along with skilled engineers with both a networking and commercial understanding, and the authority to make key business decisions.


Our service assurance solution

SysMech Zen Vision Diagram

Zen Service Operations Centre software correlates countless data feeds in real-time, enabling SOC Engineers to rapidly identify underperforming services, and prioritise maintenance activity based on subscriber impact.

Zen collects data from a multitude of sources (EMS, Fault Management tools, Trouble ticketing systems, CRM tools, network probes, network topology, billing systems etc.) to enable SOC engineers to build a view of each service, the subscribers utilising them, and their ARPU statistics. This holistic view enables SOC Engineers to fully understand the real-time business impact of service performance issues, and prioritise resources based upon this impact.

Zen Service Operations Centre software also offers built-in forecasting and prediction technology that enables SOC engineers to monitor long term trends, and predict future service degradations that will likely impact high value subscribers. This insight is then used to prevent revenue leakage by reducing the risk of service degradation and SLA breaches, before they occur.

As part of the Zen Operational Intelligence Software, the service assurance module is available as a stand-alone solution, or as part of a wider Zen implementation.

Key features & benefits

Unite OSS and BSS through the Service Operations Centre

The Service Operations Centre offers the ability to unite network-focused and customer-facing teams, who have traditionally worked in isolation. The SOC comprises the right technology and processes to understand customers’ quality of service, and relay this back to the network, enabling swift and purposeful actions that will deliver business benefits.

Reduce potential revenue loss with informative prediction technology

Zen Service Operations Centre software provides the functionality to reduce potential revenue leakage with its service and customer impact prediction functionality. SOC Engineers can see what services are used by high value customers, their service level agreements and the exact network elements they utilise. With this information, they can predict what network issues will likely impact high value subscribers and prioritise resource in line with this.

Improve customer satisfaction with proactive service optimisation

Operators can improve customer satisfaction by proactively optimising individual services based on the insights gained from the Zen service operations centre software. Engineers can understand service usage growth and identify service ‘weak spots’ which require maintenance or expansion. This activity can then be prioritised to ensure a consistent, high quality service is available in line with customer demand.


Top service operations centre use cases

Take a look at the specific use cases below to see how Zen is actively being used within tier 1 network operators.

Voice service monitoring

Zen service operations centre dashboard

The Zen voice service monitoring dashboard provides a visual indication of the voice service performance across all technologies for a pool representing a specific region or subscriber group. Users can drill down to any technology that is underperforming, and see the underlying KPI’s. From here they can drill down to the causative network equipment, and prioritise its maintenance to rapidly rectify the voice service quality.