2 Minutes with… Rene Tonon

Rene Tonon joined SysMech as a software engineer in 1997 and is now Business Development Manager. As part of our ‘2 Minutes with…’ blog series, Rene takes some time to tell us a little bit more about his career, the Telco industry, working at SysMech and his tech and non-tech passions. Q1: You’ve had a … Continued

SysMech, Tableau Software & HP Vertica Present: The Vodafone UK Story and the Value of Real-Time Operational Analytics

–      Improving the Customer Experience through Operational Analytics The launch of a new network is a massive event for any Telco operator – networks such as 4G deliver a notable change in performance for service providers and their customers but with these changes come increased complexity in the systems; to operate, monitor and manage the … Continued

How TeliaSonera integrated its fault management interfaces to provide better management information – in record time

With network competition intensifying, fueled with the launch of 4G services by O2 and Vodafone in August, the ability to provide customers with a fault-free experience becomes increasingly more important. No more so than when operators acquire various operations across multiple countries and need to integrate systems as quickly and seamlessly as possible, avoiding any … Continued

The Race to Improve LTE Customer Experience Management

How real-time intelligence can enable the mobile migration to LTE Black Swan Telecom Journal recently spoke to Edoardo Rizzi, Vice President at Trendium, about the race to improve LTE customer experience management. Rizzi believes “Mobile’s shift to LTE is a golden opportunity for innovative software to hatch and swim about profitably.” In the interview with Black … Continued