The future’s not just mobile, it’s unified

Vodafone has embarked on a new future this week after acquiring Spanish cable operator Ono – and branching out into internet and television services. This combination will create Spain’s second-biggest telecoms operator, challenge Telefonica’s dominance and continue a move towards Vodafone’s goal of becoming a major player in fixed-line services, as well as mobile. Vittorio … Continued

Save your customers, and your costs: no excuse for network outage in 2014

Customer experience management, and providing customers with the best possible service, is always an important consideration; however, according to recent conversations with our telco customers and other network providers, savings to Opex remain at the forefront of 2014 priorities. Whilst some Communications Service Providers (CSPs) seem naïve to the impact poor service can have – … Continued

Telco priorities in 2014

Mobile Europe’s fourth annual report draws on survey findings to identify the most disruptive trends in the mobile landscape during 2013 – and forecasted priorities for 2014. Results show that 63 per cent of the respondents (Telco industry publication readers) said that 4G/LTE has had the most disruptive impact on mobile operators; with big data … Continued

SysMech, Tableau Software & HP Vertica Present: The Vodafone UK Story and the Value of Real-Time Operational Analytics

–      Improving the Customer Experience through Operational Analytics The launch of a new network is a massive event for any Telco operator – networks such as 4G deliver a notable change in performance for service providers and their customers but with these changes come increased complexity in the systems; to operate, monitor and manage the … Continued

The 4G Marathon Picks up the Pace this Week

Not only is there a lot of pressure on network providers to launch a fourth generation network – but there’s also lots of competition between them to be first AND to get it right. EE went first last October, both O2 and Vodafone will launch today and Three announces its 4G plans later this year. … Continued