Zen Digital Integration Platform

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Industry Needs

With billions of connected devices generating zettabytes of machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) traffic across smart utilities, smart industry, smart cities, smart buildings, and smart homes with increasing interconnection for ever more innovative applications; scalable platforms and services that can monitor devices, ingest data for accessible analytics and automate intelligent co-ordinated actions between devices are an absolute necessity. Disparate controllers and actuators from numerous vendors, optionally linked via smart hubs must respond to requests with minimal latency whilst sensors stream their output to a central repository or authorised third parties. Maintaining security, respecting, and adhering to privacy regulations remains paramount throughout.

Zen Digital Integration Platform

The Zen Digital Integration Platform acts as a fully scalable device and application enablement platform, facilitating command and control, providing monitoring and Insight into the metrics from IoT and M2M devices, controllers, sensors, and hubs. Zen can scale to Integrate with any number of devices, monitoring for deviations from model-based thresholds and proactively identifying anomalies from expected behaviour on Impulse . Zen can utilise its in-built Intellect to automate actions or alerts when co-existing conditions arise, helping to build new services or initiate automated activities.

Key Features & Benefits

Rapid Integration with new devices

Zen enables rapid development of interfaces or adapters to new sensors, hubs, actuators, and cloud providers. Data from separate device vendors can be normalised for consistent usage between applications and within your reporting and analytics.

Interconnect disparate devices

Use Zen to connect anything to anything, understand how the devices interact from ingested data and build innovative new services or applications to attract and retain customers.

Privacy by design

The Zen Digital Integration Platform is designed to comply with GDPR data controls, clearly marking and protecting Personally identifiable information (PII), retaining personal information only in line with consent and necessity and enabling the “right to be forgotten”.

Detect Abnormal Behaviour as data is ingested

Zen analyses data against a growing number of evolving statistical and machine learning models as it is ingested. The models adapt to change dynamically and alert you to anything unusual with devices or adapters that should trigger an action or investigation.

Trigger Actions when complex conditions occur

Zen’s patented proximity correlation engine Intellect can help you to make devices and utilities interact for the benefit of your business and your customers. Perhaps at home you wish to activate certain appliances, heat water, or charge an electric vehicle only when a Time of Use based energy tariff is at its lowest. Perhaps you wish to benefit from Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. Use Intellect to specify custom and innovative scenarios to make devices and services work for you.

Use Cases

Smart Energy Monitoring Analytics

Comparison by Tariff Type and Consumer Classification. Collect energy usage data and segment by consumer demographics, for insight into how a Time of Use Tariff might impact behaviour and consumption.

Coming Soon: Anomaly Detection

Monitor any metric from any device for deviation from expected behaviours specific to the device. Apply statistical or machine learning models to any streamed data to identify issues. In the screenshot the typical behaviour for a specific device is captured and adapts over time generating alerts for immediate action where anomalies are detected. Use as a smart trigger for initiating device interactions or for operational alerting.