The Zen Platform

A Consolidated Cloud-Based Framework for Network, IT Infrastructure and Services Management

One Consolidated Cloud-Based Framework

Zen is an efficient, scalable, near real-time streaming event and data processing platform. The Zen architecture is inherently generic, and with the release of Zen 7 is now available for multiple industry verticals, utilising the same technology and powerful features proven at scale in existing telecom networks.

SysMech has extensive experience of the telecoms industry, which is why the Zen platform is designed to meet the mission critical needs of network operators. Modular in design, Zen provides insight, analytics, alerting, and automation, to monitor and act upon the massive volumes of real time data and events generated by networks.

Zen integrates with the diverse range of technologies, network equipment and data sources present in your networks. With support for an ever expanding number of industry standard interfaces and APIs, Zen is capable of processing information from almost anywhere!

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Flexibility through a Service-Oriented Architecture

Zen has a service-oriented architecture (SOA) of functional building-blocks, enabling flexible, scalable implementations, easily tailored to customer requirements. On premises or in the cloud, Zen’s containerised architecture runs on bare metal, data centre VMWare vSphere, or Cloud (AWS), for lowered costs through best-in-class orchestration.

Zen Integrate

Zen Integrate is the data mediation and storage service of Zen. Data is collected in real-time from any industry, domain, vendor, technology, or 3 rd party cloud and pushed into a high-speed analytical database, maintaining live and historical data in a single system, or multiple systems, depending on the requirement.

Zen Insight

Zen Insight is the visualisation and reporting service of Zen, providing real-time end-to-end visibility across your entire business. Users can create and share live interactive dashboards, visualisations, and reports on mobile, desktop or web, with in-built security, access control and single sign on support.

Zen Impulse

Zen Impulse is the automated monitoring and alerting service of Zen. Users can create their own monitoring scenarios to alert on deviations from model-based threshold, and proactively identify deviations from expected behaviour such as KPI or SLA breaches and QoS degradations. 

Zen Intellect

Zen Intellect is the intelligent automation and correlation service of Zen, enabling self-discovering topology, predictive analytics, and anomaly detection. Using data and events from multiple sources, Zen Intellect identifies the root cause, and automates actions or alerts when co-existing conditions arise, supporting both open and closed loop automation.

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