What do telco operators need to succeed with machine learning?

Machine learning is a prominent topic in the field of telecommunications right now. With the promise of automated operational efficiencies, personalised customer offerings and fraud mitigation, it’s no surprise that operators are investing in this advancing technology. In this blog, we discuss what they actually need to prove successful with machine learning.   Easy access … Continued

5 hot topics from Telco Data Analytics 2017

This year’s Telco Data Analytics brought together some of Europe’s leading telecoms experts, tackling topics such as machine learning, new infrastructures and the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this blog, we share the top 5 topics from the 2017 event.   1. GDPR   With GDPR on the horizon, it’s no surprise that … Continued

Why network operators are taking a localised view to planning and optimising their networks

Network planning and optimisation has never been more important within the telecoms industry; new competition, shrinking profits and higher customer demand means operators need to improve their service performance, whilst at the same time minimising their expenditure. This is driving new approaches to planning and optimisation, in which network engineers are utilising more diverse data … Continued

What will telecoms networks look like in 2030?

With the launch of 5G planned for 2020, it is the year we are all talking about! But what impact will it have on the telecoms landscape of the future? In this blog, we look further ahead to telecoms networks in 2030.   2030 may seem a long way off, but twelve years can fly … Continued