SysMech feature in Capacity: Has VoLTE lived up to its promise yet?

Last year our COO, Andy Stubley shared his thoughts on why VoLTE was taking longer than expected in his article ‘VoLTE Deployments: the truth behind the delay.’   “Given everyone in the telecoms industry is now fully aware of the potential financial, operational and customer benefits of VoLTE, the continual delays in deployment have come … Continued

NOC vs SOC – The changing role of the telecoms operations centre

Today’s mobile network operators are certainly familiar with change within their operations centres; they have rapidly transitioned from a single technology, single service network to a multi-technology, multi-service network in just a few decades. And now they face their next big operational change; the advent of the Service Operations Centre (SOC). So what is a … Continued

5 Machine Learning Applications in Telecoms

Machine learning is fast becoming the catchphrase of the year, and with good reason; Google is using it to block spam, Morgan Stanley is using it to suggest trades, and hospitals are even using it to predict Sepsis. And machine leaning in the Telecoms industry is no exception, with CSPs investing in novel machine learning … Continued

3 telecoms use cases to inspire your customer experience strategy

A customer experience strategy that delivers results is at the top of the list for most communications service providers (CSPs). And it’s no surprise; as the market has saturated, attracting and holding onto subscribers has become a real challenge. On first glance, you may think this means a better in-store experience, cheaper deals and less … Continued

Is network performance management in telecoms dead?

Network operations centres (NOC’s) have been around since the early 1960’s; operators would monitor the status of switchboards for the most important toll switches and routing information. In essence, this was the earliest form of network performance management within telecoms. Over the past 50 years NOC’s have changed a lot, but network performance management has … Continued