3 telecoms use cases to inspire your customer experience strategy

customer experience strategy

A customer experience strategy that delivers results is at the top of the list for most communications service providers (CSPs). And it’s no surprise; as the market has saturated, attracting and holding onto subscribers has become a real challenge. On first glance, you may think this means a better in-store experience, cheaper deals and less time on hold with the call centre. But quality of service is just as important to subscribers. After all, if you can’t get coverage at home, why would you stick with your existing service provider?


To deliver an improved quality of service, CSPs are expanding their customer experience strategy outside of the traditional focus areas. They are now correlating their customer experience data with network performance data to gain more meaningful insights into how quality of service impacts subscribers perception and experiences. Here we share three inspiring use cases that do exactly that.

1. See what is important to subscribers by mapping performance vs. NPS

 Network engineers work hard to improve performance statistics such as coverage and quality. However, they have little or no visibility if these improvements in statistics are actually felt by subscribers. By plotting network performance statistics alongside Net Promoter Scores (NPS), network engineers can see what factors are actually impacting a subscribers’ perception of the network. By doing this before and after an optimisation period, network engineers can also see the direct impact of optimisation on customer experience.

customer experience management software - SysMech

This dashboard plots the coverage and quality of individual calls, and overlays NPS results to visualise which factors have the greatest impact on customer experience.

2. Provide tailored upgrade recommendations based on service usage

 With so many services and pricing plans available to subscribers, it can be difficult to select the best package to meet individual needs. Network engineers can use handset data to tackle this, providing subscribers with tailored upgrade recommendations based on their usage patterns. They can analyse how much data is utilised along with which services and applications are used, and provide upgrade recommendations based on this information.

This dashboard shows an individual subscribers usage and application statistics to drive a tailored upgrade recommendation.

3. Improve customer care with timely subscriber updates

When a subscriber contacts the call centre, staff do not always have visibility of what is happening across the network. Is there a planned outage? Have local weather conditions caused network faults? With a single customer incident dashboard, call centre agents can quickly provide subscribers a more comprehensive update. They can rapidly see any planned outages within the subscribers locality and advise on predicted completion times. Going a step further, updates can be automated to provide subscribers with SMS notifications to service interruptions, prior to them contacting the call centre.

This dashboard provides a summary of a customer’s status in one screen, allowing call centre agents to give a more comprehensive update when on the phone.


If you are keen to implement any of these use cases in your telecoms customer experience strategy, please get in touch to find out how.