What will telecoms networks look like in 2030?

With the launch of 5G planned for 2020, it is the year we are all talking about! But what impact will it have on the telecoms landscape of the future? In this blog, we look further ahead to telecoms networks in 2030.   2030 may seem a long way off, but twelve years can fly … Continued

SysMech feature in Capacity: Has VoLTE lived up to its promise yet?

Last year our COO, Andy Stubley shared his thoughts on why VoLTE was taking longer than expected in his article ‘VoLTE Deployments: the truth behind the delay.’   “Given everyone in the telecoms industry is now fully aware of the potential financial, operational and customer benefits of VoLTE, the continual delays in deployment have come … Continued

The A – Z of Mobile Network Analytics

The telecommunications industry has hundreds, if not thousands of terms and abbreviations that are used on a daily basis. And as the industry evolves, that number is set to grow. In this A-Z we drill down to some of today’s top terms in Mobile Network Analytics. From the well-known ones like Big Data and Hadoop, … Continued

VoLTE Deployments – the truth behind the delay?

VoLTE has been one of the most highly anticipated network features of recent years, with expectations that roll-outs would have already been completed by now. Unfortunately there are still very few VoLTE deployments on what is now a three year old standard. So what really is the truth behind the delay?   Everyone in the … Continued