Mobile Network Performance Management

Zen mobile network performance management software delivers operational efficiencies through real-time analytics, automation & advance visualisation.

Introducing Zen mobile network performance management software for telecoms


Industry needs

As revenues dilute within the telecommunications industry, CSPs must focus on subscriber retention and growth through a superior network experience. This is not only true for the mobile network, but also fixed line, home broadband and IP-TV. This comes as no surprise, when over 40% of customer complaints relate to experience with the network itself.

To deliver a superior network experience across all services, CSPs require efficient network performance management processes, with solutions that can provide visibility across every single service. CSP’s also require next generation mobile network performance management functionality to enable automated remedial actions on the network, and predictive analytics.


Our mobile network performance management solution

Zen mobile network performance management software gives CSPs true end-to-end visibility to manage and optimise network performance, with unique functionality such as automated remedial actioning and performance prediction.

The solution has been developed to capture data from SysMech Zen Vision Diagrammultiple different network elements, regardless of vendor, technology or network domain, and display this in a visual way to network engineers.

Network performance KPI’s and KQI’s are immediately displayed in NOC and SOC dashboards and reports, giving a real-time view of the entire network. From here network engineers can then drill down from a network wide view to an individual cell tower in just a few clicks. Zen users can also create their own automatic alerts to text or email them if a certain KPI breach occurs, all from the same platform.

Zen mobile network performance management software allows CSPs to rapidly identify performance issues across all services, correlate theses with network faults and customer experience data, and optimise the network in the most efficient way possible.

As part of the Zen Operational Intelligence Software, the mobile network performance management module is available as a stand-alone solution, or as part of a wider Zen implementation.


Key features & benefits

Deliver CAPEX and OPEX reductions by consolidating tools

With Zen, CSPs can retire their legacy mobile network performance management tools for each technology, vendor and network domain. For some CSPs this means consolidating over 40 disparate tools into one solution. Not only does this deliver CAPEX savings, but it also delivers OPEX savings by eliminating multiple annual support and maintenance contracts.

Improve operator efficiency with real-time analytics

Zen tackles the problem of a reduced headcount by delivering significant operational efficiencies. The solution reduces the time to collect, query and visualise data, which means operators can spend more time each day actually growing and improving the network. One such use case saved an optimisation team over 2 hours daily – per engineer!

Align to strategic OSS transformation objectives with a flexible implementation

Zen mobile network performance management is vendor agnostic, and can access data from almost any source. This means the solution can be implemented as a stand-alone solution on top of a strategic data lake, or as part of a wider Zen Operational Intelligence platform, enabling future-proof OSS transformation.


Mobile network performance management use cases

Take a look at the specific use cases below to see how Zen is actively being used within tier 1 network operators.

Regional network performance drill-down:

mobile network performance management use case 1 - SysMech

Network engineers can often spend hours identifying an individual cell responsible for a poor performance metric. With the regional network performance drill-down functionality in Zen, engineers can reduce investigation times, instead focusing on actually fixing the issue. Drill-down dashboards allows engineers to visually identify under-performing regions, drill-down to the causative BSC, and then drill-down further to the causative cell(s) in a matter of seconds.


Core network trunk route performance monitoring:

Mobile network performance management use case - SysMech

Core engineers have to handle masses of data for all incoming and outgoing calls, both from their own network and other operators. By identifying the trunk routes with the highest congestion, they can prioritise activity based on the potential customer impact. The trunk route performance monitoring dashboard provides engineers with traffic volumes, congestion and mean holding times. Automated alerts can flag-up defined performance breaches in the same window, indicating which Core components require further investigation, prior to any service failures.