3 telecoms use cases to inspire your customer experience strategy

A customer experience strategy that delivers results is at the top of the list for most communications service providers (CSPs). And it’s no surprise; as the market has saturated, attracting and holding onto subscribers has become a real challenge. On first glance, you may think this means a better in-store experience, cheaper deals and less … Continued

The A – Z of Mobile Network Analytics

The telecommunications industry has hundreds, if not thousands of terms and abbreviations that are used on a daily basis. And as the industry evolves, that number is set to grow. In this A-Z we drill down to some of today’s top terms in Mobile Network Analytics. From the well-known ones like Big Data and Hadoop, … Continued

CEM: Much More than just Passive Probes

As network operators continue to roll out new services, it is important to ensure that customers continue to get the same Quality of Service (QoS) and level of satisfaction that they have become accustomed to, whether it be TV, mobile or home internet. Operators know they must focus on Customer Experience Management (CEM) in order … Continued