The Changing Terminology of Telecoms – SysMech feature in Capacity

This week, SysMech’s COO Andy Stubley features in Capacity Magazine. He takes a closer look at the changing terminology of telecoms, and what terms are now being deemed ‘the next best thing’.


For an industry that has only been around for 120 years, telecommunications has seen a lot of change. In a short period of time we have gone from the basic telephone exchange in the 1880’s right through to services like HD video calling that we are used to seeing today. It’s no surprise that over this time the language we use in telecoms has also been modified and transformed.

In this piece Andy picks three key themes to explore; OSS transformation, multi-play and customer experience management (CEM). Read a short exert below focusing on OSS transformation, or head over to Capacity to read the full feature.


Today we hear a lot of terms marked as the ‘next big thing’, so what are these terms we are hearing right now, and what do they all actually mean?

The term OSS transformation has been rising in popularity over the past 10 years, and it’s no surprise. As new mobile technologies have been introduced and networks have grown, the architecture to support this has become outdated. Mobile network operators (MNOs) now have a multitude of tools, which all work in isolation. They have become difficult to manage, highly time-consuming and are building up continuous maintenance and support costs.

In the last couple of years MNOs have reached breaking point, and OSS transformation projects are now fully underway. What this actually means is that MNOs are getting rid of their old, single purpose tools, and implementing one centralised platform that can do everything. This one platform will then be used to manage the entire network, and be adopted by all their teams including; network operations, service operations, network optimisation, quality assurance, network planning and customer care.

Other words for OSS Transformation? If you are not familiar with the term, you may have heard of it by these other names; Umbrella Performance Management, End-to-end OSS, 360 Degree Data View, Centralised Performance Management or Unified Service Assurance.


SysMech’s Zen platform is an enabler of OSS transformation, giving CSPs the ability to access all of their big data from one screen. The platform is capable of processing huge volumes of data from any technology, any vendor and across any domain. Not only can CSPs visualise and analyse their data in real-time, but they can also use Zen’s intelligent automation technology for complex analytics such as root cause analysis, alarm reduction, service impact analysis and predictive analytics.

The platform is currently in use at a number of high profile mobile network operators, and is integral to many team, including:

  • Service operations
  • Network optimisation
  • End-to-end quality
  • Customer Care
  • Corporate sales

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