New Whitepaper: 7 Steps to Improving CEM through the Network

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a hot topic right now in the telecommunications industry. With the market entering maturity, communication service providers (CSPs) have seen revenue and operating profits decline by up to 30% over the last decade. To combat this downturn, and avoid becoming a commodity, CSP’s are looking at CEM to differentiate from the competition and attract new customers.

In this new whitepaper we share our 7 steps to improving CEM directly through the network.


  • See why CEM is so important within the telecoms industry.


  • Understand exactly which interaction points have the biggest impact on a customers experience.


  • See examples of the type of insight CSPs can achieve by correlating network performance and customer data.


  • Learn how incoming calls to customer care can be reduced through data automation.


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