SysMech feature in Capacity: Has VoLTE lived up to its promise yet?

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Last year our COO, Andy Stubley shared his thoughts on why VoLTE was taking longer than expected in his article ‘VoLTE Deployments: the truth behind the delay.’


“Given everyone in the telecoms industry is now fully aware of the potential financial, operational and customer benefits of VoLTE, the continual delays in deployment have come as a surprise. By the end of 2015, there had been 40 commercial deployments of VoLTE across the globe, many of which remain as limited location trials. With so many operators still maintaining that they are planning to launch a VoLTE service, why are we still not seeing the progress we’d expected by this point?” (Read the full article)


Over a year on and the VoLTE landscape has changed dramatically. In his latest piece for Capacity Magazine, Andy takes a look at whether VoLTE has lived up to its promise yet? This new article examines current VoLTE coverage across the globe, how its performing and what is next for VoLTE.


“Did you know it has been five years since the first VoLTE service was launched in South Korea? Well since then a lot has changed, and the VoLTE landscape now looks profoundly different. In fact, there are now 102 operators offering VoLTE across 54 countries, and the number of VoLTE users is expected to exceed 540 million by the end of the year.When it comes to VoLTE, APAC is the region that has stormed ahead of the others with early deployments and accelerating uptake. North America sits in second place, with Europe lagging behind somewhat…” (Read the full article)


You can read the full article ‘Has VoLTE lived up to its promise yet?’ over on the Capacity website, and join the discussion on LinkedIn and Twitter.