Best Kept Secrets & Zen Zone Tales: SysMech in 2014

It’s hard to believe another year has flown by, not to mention 20! As we near the end of 2014 and approach the year of our twentieth anniversary trading, we thought we’d take a step back to reflect on what a truly great year we’ve had, and why we think 2015 will be SysMech’s best … Continued

Tableau 2013 conference: ‘Data to the People’

We recently attended the 2013 Tableau conference, for those of you who weren’t there the tagline this year was ‘Data to the People’ – the basic premise being that in this era of big data new discoveries can be made simply by exploring and being curious about data. With the announcement of Tableau 8.2 and … Continued

The Race to Improve LTE Customer Experience Management

How real-time intelligence can enable the mobile migration to LTE Black Swan Telecom Journal recently spoke to Edoardo Rizzi, Vice President at Trendium, about the race to improve LTE customer experience management. Rizzi believes “Mobile’s shift to LTE is a golden opportunity for innovative software to hatch and swim about profitably.” In the interview with Black … Continued