The E2E Myth

In the Telco world, everyone wants an “end-to-end, cross domain view of the network”, but does anyone actually have it?   There’s a lot of talk about E2E network visibility, but most organisations have a lot of point solutions being used to manage networks and then try and merge the disparate outputs. Rather than this … Continued

Visualisation comes to town: Tableau on tour wraps up in London

Last week was the final stop of the Tableau on Tour conference – the largest data visualisation event in Europe. After visiting Sydney, The Hague and Munich, the tour wrapped up in London. Tableau on Tour brings the best of the North American programme to cities all round the world, with a focus on sharing … Continued

Tableau 2013 conference: ‘Data to the People’

We recently attended the 2013 Tableau conference, for those of you who weren’t there the tagline this year was ‘Data to the People’ – the basic premise being that in this era of big data new discoveries can be made simply by exploring and being curious about data. With the announcement of Tableau 8.2 and … Continued