Will the real king of big data please stand up?

Whether it’s an invite to play Candy Crush Saga, a notification on how your sister’s crops are doing on Farmville or a status update containing your colleague’s latest high score on Angry Birds, it’s clear to everyone: social media has fuelled gaming to whole new levels. Hordes of developers from around the world are working tirelessly around the clock to develop applications to engage the rapidly growing social gaming user-base, and there is no sign of the momentum slowing down any time soon.

And as always, when you’ve got a huge and growing user base interacting daily, you’ve got big data. The reality is that companies such as Zynga, Rovio and King are big data companies masquerading as social gaming companies, and they are not alone. As a company that provides big data applications and platforms to address the growing market for high volume data, we can see that the volume-based challenges between the play patterns of social gaming apps and the service demands of mobile networks are significant.

As we move towards 4G and the use of social media increases with smartphone adoption, it is mobile service providers who have become the kings of big data. The king amongst kings will be the company that can tackle the big data challenge to differentiate and understand more of customers’ behaviour and experience, and to use that knowledge to drive business revenue.

It’s what we’ll be talking about at Telecoms IQ’s Mobile Network Performance Management summit, tomorrow, Wednesday 4th of June. Our Strategy Director, Andy Stubley, will discuss visualising, managing and optimising the performance of mobile and fixed line networks in real-time.

His presentation, “Consolidating many network performance management systems in complex multi-vendor and multi-technology environments with one application; using the latest real-time big data capture, analysis and visualisation tools” will feature SysMech’s extensive Zen product suite which enables integration of data, insight into patterns, automation of repeatable actions, and high-level analytics capabilities.

Andy will be showing Zen visuals during his presentation, but if you’d like a closer look, please stop by our stand to for a demo.