Telcos come together to fix the network capacity crunch and make mobile broadband profitable

Broadband Traffic Management 2014 As you might be aware from our previous blogs we were in Barcelona last week for Broadband Traffic Management: the only event dedicated to helping operators resolve the network capacity crunch and develop strategies to make mobile broadband profitable. It was a very intensive – and insightful – few days of networking, … Continued

SysMech, on Powering SON

The SON universe is getting bigger. According to the recent Self-Organizing Networks (SON) Ecosystem: 2014 – 2020 report, SON revenue is expected to grow to more than $3 Billion by the end of 2016, exceeding conventional mobile network optimization revenue by over 20%. Why are SON revenues forecasted to be so high? Because of the multitude and complexity of … Continued

2 Minutes with…. Mark Slinger

Mark Slinger joined SysMech as Head of Product in March 2014. He now leads SysMech’s product team through research and development to launch and marketing. Mark takes two minutes to tell us a little bit more about his career, the Telco industry, working at SysMech and his tech and non-tech passions. Q1: You’ve had a really … Continued

Will the real king of big data please stand up?

Whether it’s an invite to play Candy Crush Saga, a notification on how your sister’s crops are doing on Farmville or a status update containing your colleague’s latest high score on Angry Birds, it’s clear to everyone: social media has fuelled gaming to whole new levels. Hordes of developers from around the world are working … Continued

Network Performance Management Summit: Dealing with the Rise of The Smartphone

The ever increasing rise of the smartphone has rapidly changed the mobile network. Users are suddenly downloading large volumes of data over their devices, meaning network operators need new solutions to handle the increased data traffic. Telecoms IQ’s Mobile Network Performance Management summit, 2-4 June, will uncover the most cost-efficient ways to effectively monitor and optimise network … Continued