SysMech, on Powering SON

The SON universe is getting bigger. According to the recent Self-Organizing Networks (SON) Ecosystem: 2014 – 2020 report, SON revenue is expected to grow to more than $3 Billion by the end of 2016, exceeding conventional mobile network optimization revenue by over 20%.

Why are SON revenues forecasted to be so high? Because of the multitude and complexity of technologies and solutions being deployed, there is an increased need for automation, which is what is ultimately driving the increased need for SON.

And with more complexity comes a greater need for improved performance management with low latency, automation-rich solutions that can feed SON and its real-time data requirements. With an ever growing number of technologies, it is becoming both impractical and impossible to optimise without a level of real-time automation.

Zen: Powering SON


Today, SysMech is focusing on the best way to provide the data needed for SON platforms to work with. SON requires data from the network as quickly as possible in order to feedback on what has happened to the network after the decisions SON has made. The Zen big data suite has been designed to add no effective latency to data availability, and, as such, is ideally placed to deliver data to and from the network so that metrics such as new performance levels are recognised as quickly as possible.

Zen also helps by simplifying network data complexity, reducing the number of tools and automating root cause analysis, enabling operators to do more with their resources.

Our goal is to simplify the network management of all mobile and fixed networks by providing a very low latency understanding of the network, service and customer health – and to automate the identification and analysis of complex problems.

We can work with SON vendors, partners and operators to feed a SON platform with all the relevant data it may need to make a decision – for example, performance and fault management, probe and call trace.

Real time big data: Any format, any volume

The Zen portfolio of products combines the necessary infrastructure for network managers to visualise, analyse and action real-time problems and incidents, and optimise the value of all events across their business network.

Zen is able to collect and analyse terabytes of network and service platform performance data in the raw format delivered by each device, visualising, managing and optimising the performance of mobile and fixed line networks in real-time. Most importantly, Zen enables the automation of repeatable actions.

Beyond dealing with an organisations’ end-to-end performance and fault management needs, Zen can also power your SON and SQM requirements upstream by providing North Bound feeds containing truly correlated real-time and historical data from multiple vendors, technologies and domains.

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