Network Performance Management Summit: Dealing with the Rise of The Smartphone

The ever increasing rise of the smartphone has rapidly changed the mobile network. Users are suddenly downloading large volumes of data over their devices, meaning network operators need new solutions to handle the increased data traffic.

Telecoms IQ’s Mobile Network Performance Management summit, 2-4 June, will uncover the most cost-efficient ways to effectively monitor and optimise network performance and predict future capacity.

Visit us at SysMech’s stand to discuss visualising, managing and optimising the performance of mobile and fixed line networks in real-time. And don’t miss our presentation on “Consolidating many network performance management systems in complex multi-vendor and multi-technology environments with one application; using the latest real-time big data capture, analysis and visualisation tools” – 10:10am on Wednesday 4th June.

This year’s topic areas will include:

  • Upholding a reliable service to customers during the migration to LTE
  • Establishing the strongest KPIs for measuring performance
  • Evaluating strategies to optimise your network to cope with an increasing demand for data
  • Leveraging analysis from both performance results and customer feedback to take action to increase QoS
  • Increasing throughput and improving QoE over multiple services
  • Assessing the most cost-effective strategies for delivering data services
  • Evaluating best practises of refarming spectrum to increase availability

T-Mobile Netherlands said about last year’s event, “This programme features not only the industry’s hottest topics but also addresses some of the biggest challenges that have not previously been addressed before at a conference.”

Other presenters include leading network professionals from Three, Telecom Italiya, Telefonica UK, Kyivstar and Vodafone Ireland. Registration is available online and don’t forget to follow event updates on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Hope to see you there.