Telcos, what are your priorities for 2014?

–      Correlating fault management information with customer experience? And if not, why not? 

Many businesses are winding down for Christmas, but numerous others, like us, are busy working out the focus areas for next year. Are you in the midst of your planning, and if so, what are your priorities for 2014?

Network optimisation will be on the list as ever but are you considering integrating the power of social networks and customer feedback for a single view? Given that this is now possible, telcos should be prioritising this, to gain competitive advantage.

Customer experience is absolutely vital to running a network, to stay ahead. But monitoring customer experience is becoming increasingly complicated by the new paradigm of data volumes that are essential for today’s high-speed networks, such as 4G.

Ironically however, the more complicated the data is, the more advantage it can provide if you get it right.

Data is what can help network operators assess and improve customer experience. With the onset of big data, in the form of companies and scientists, network operators can now tap into the volumes of data generated during network usage to understand where and why faults occur, as well as where opportunities lie.

Within this, social data also has a role to play. It is the most prolific channel for customer feedback and as such, by analysing Twitter feeds, network operators can gain a better understanding of network performance by specific region or customer group.
How powerful would it be to combine traditional fault management reports with customer feedback across social networks to get a complete view of a network’s performance? And what better gift for 2014, than the gift of this sort of visibility?

If you’re operating in the telco sector, we’d love to hear your thoughts on 2014 priorities in our short survey. And for sharing your experiences we’ll send you a seasonal gift to help with visibility this winter.