Why end-to-end network visibility needs to be on your Christmas list

– How Vodafone UK uses insight into the customer experience to meet the needs of a constantly changing business

Is end-to-end network visibility on your Christmas wish list this year? It should be. With many executives being measured on customer satisfaction indicators, real-time operational analytics is relevant to every CXO position within a company. In telcos this means the performance of the network and the impact it has on customers. Needless to say… if you can’t observe it or measure it, you can’t control it.

Realising that it needed end-to-end visibility of its network, Vodafone UK turned to SysMech and its Zen™ portfolio of products – powered by the HP Vertica Analytics Platform and Tableau Software – to achieve “Operational Readiness” ahead of its 4G launch.

In our recent webinar Damian Fairholme, Network Performance Management at Vodafone UK, describes the key challenges faced at the beginning of this project and how they were overcome, including: the complexity of a 4G mobile network and its multiple data inputs; the technology shortfalls of the legacy solution; and the mandatory requirements of a solution to address 4G and onwards.

In short, what Vodafone UK and Damian were looking for was a system that met the needs of the constantly changing business and provided the essential insight into the customer experience.

Damian reflects, “It was a significant challenge; but we worked with SysMech and its Zen platform to produce a next generation solution.”

What did network operational analytics enable Vodafone UK to achieve?

  • Combining network statistics from different elements, technologies and Vodafone offerings, enabling the integration of performance data with probing data.
  • Real-time data capture from all the devices on the network, making data available to the business community within seconds.
  • Monitoring of its network to make decisions in real-time determined by incoming data patterns.
  • Simple and fast deployment of new interfaces and version upgrades.
  • And finally the future proofed architecture with three tiered technology.

To hear the detail behind the project from both Damian and SysMech watch the webinar, Real-Time Operational Analytics: The Vodafone UK Story, or download the full presentation here.

Network operational analytics, when you break it down is about being able to ask the right questions and having the data to answer them. To find out how to balance these two actions talk to us about Zen.