Responding rapidly to change and the customer requirement

Predicting and preventing network pain points – Part 5

In our fifth and final blog post of the network pain points blog series, we consider the need to respond rapidly to change and the ability to do so to optimise network performance and increase customer satisfaction.

For small and agile companies it can be easy to respond to change; whether that comes from a change in the markets, customer behaviours or merely making decisions on partners and suppliers. However, for larger companies it becomes more difficult to adapt quickly, and yet they will have the additional challenge of a bigger brand reputation to protect and a larger customer base to keep satisfied.

Communication technology is rapidly changing – from radio, core and transmission networks to IP, switch based, 2G, 3G and now 4G/LTE – and this presents a real challenge for Communication Service Providers (CSP) that are trying to keeping pace with the changing environment to retain customers, in an increasingly saturated marketplace.

In response to this, the ability of CSPs to manage performance, faults and basic service becomes a critical and fundamental need. By utilising the vast volumes of subscriber and probing data, network statistics, and events within network and OSS/BSS systems, it is possible to see a connected, 360° view of the customer. In short, customer experience, network performance and service quality in real-time – providing CSPs with the information needed to respond in a timely manner.

In order to achieve the ‘talk to anyone, any time’ promise, CSPs need the ability to quickly enhance operational systems to manage new service offerings to meet the needs of customers. For example, one large CSP used ZenPM as part of its 4G rollout to provide multiple interfaces for a host of new systems, against a very tight deadline.

ZenPM was used because it is flexible and can quickly adapt to a changing set of requirements. Additionally, the Proof of Concept implementation can be set up within hours, providing valuable data that can be acted upon immediately.

If you’d like to find out more about how SysMech’s technology provides CSPs with the tools needed for rapid response, contact us or read more here.