Maintaining consistency and clarity in a converging market

Predicting and preventing network pain points – Part 4

This post, our fourth in the network pain points blog series, examines why third party systems, which provide a consistent and honest view of multiple operators, are imperative.

How do you know what version of the truth you’re getting? Is your view of the network a true and accurate one?

Operators who share radio networks are heavily reliant on their managed service provider for optimisation reports and analysis. Progress against KPIs, such as Dropped Call Rates, Traffic Volumes, Call Setups and Handovers, are accepted with little or no way to verify the results or indeed the exact computation that has been used to arrive at the results.

The ability for operators to work together to exchange information and receive accurate and dependable performance reports of shared infrastructures is essential in creating a stable network for all. An independent view allows issues to be identified, responsibility to be claimed and a response generated at a much faster pace – providing competitive advantage when the world is watching.

When undertaking capacity planning or network optimisation, accurate reporting has a big impact on recommendations and improvements. Ultimately, the more reliable the view, the bigger the opportunity to act on intelligence that big data provides.

The fifth and final post in this series considers the need to respond rapidly to change in enhancing operational systems to manage new service offerings. For more information on gaining an independent view of your network performance contact us.