SysMech Selects Tableau To Provide Big Data Analytics As Part Of The Zen™ Applications For The Telecommunications Industry

– SysMech and Tableau partnership allows organisations to analyse data in real-time

Tableau and SysMech, the big data applications company, have entered into an agreement to deliver Tableau’s visual analytics software as a part of the SysMech Zen™ Big Data Applications Family. The combined product offering will be part of a C-suite big data solution.

The resulting products will combine the necessary infrastructure for CIOs to visualise, analyse and action real-time problems, thereby identifying areas for profitability improvements and revenue opportunities.

“SysMech’s patented technology combined with Tableau’s elegant capabilities to analyse and visualise big data will open up opportunities for industry leaders across numerous sectors,” said Rob Green, MD at SysMech. “Tableau embeds high performance analytics and reporting into our platform, without the complexity of conventional visualisation tools, and the cost of traditional business intelligence applications.”

“This is an exciting combination, which brings true opportunity to big data organisations,” said Dan Jewett, Vice President of Product Management at Tableau. “In the telecommunications industry, for example, Tableau is helping organisations to create a geographic analysis of a wireless network, avoid downtime, and evaluate expansion prospects and find hidden opportunities.”

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