2 Minutes with…. Chris Mathews

Chris Mathews co-founded SysMech in 1995 and in his role as Director and Chief Technology Officer, he is responsible for product development and the technology roadmap for its Zen product family. As part of our ‘2 Minutes with…’ blog series, Chris takes two minutes to tell us a little bit more about his career, the … Continued

Network intelligence from chaos

Building a single network view – Part 2 As part two in our series from the recent blog post where we described the five ways in which network downtime can be reduced, we focus on the importance of unified, or single view reporting. Monitoring and reporting of network performance, with multiple vendors and domains involved, is a … Continued

Big data’s big week – from mainstream to monetisation

This week saw the topic of ‘big data’ discussed on Radio 4’s Today programme  with Dr Shirley-Ann Jackson, President Obama’s advisor. Reaching beyond the technical audience, the programme described a future where tremendous amounts of data could be mined and applied to industries ranging from healthcare to retail and fraud identification. Meanwhile, Research Director, Svetlana Sicular … Continued