Big data’s big week – from mainstream to monetisation

This week saw the topic of ‘big data’ discussed on Radio 4’s Today programme  with Dr Shirley-Ann Jackson, President Obama’s advisor. Reaching beyond the technical audience, the programme described a future where tremendous amounts of data could be mined and applied to industries ranging from healthcare to retail and fraud identification.

Meanwhile, Research Director, Svetlana Sicular at Gartner Inc. said that big data was entering the part of the Gartner Hype Cycle known as the Trough of Disillusionment. Sicular posts in her blog that big data is sliding past the top of the peak and into a period where people will start questioning its value, and calling it over-hyped.

It’s understandable that if the topics of big data, business intelligence, analytics and the ubiquitous promise of ‘monetisation of data’ are discussed for too much longer, without the potential being realised, disillusionment will set in.

However, that need not be the case.  SysMech already have a series of patented industry specific big data applications and productivity solutions, providing our customers with the capability to do now what others are still struggling to achieve.

If you like data, here are some big numbers to digest: one customer using theSysMech ZenPM™ Telecoms Performance Management Solution, runs 24/7 non-stop processing in excess of 120 GB of raw data, generating 16 billion records and storing 230 million database rows per day, while simultaneously updating dashboards and scheduling and emailing pre-defined management reports.

The result is an optimised mobile network driving revenue growth through real-time Big Data analysis providing visibility into the customer’s experience of the network that was never possible before ZenPM™. Now that’s monetisation!

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