SysMech launch Zen 5.3 end-to-end network analytics platform

man pointing to Zen 5.3 screen - SysMech

SysMech launch Zen 5.3, a platform upgrade packed full of new features designed to give enhanced data insights to CSPs at a rapid rate.


With new technologies to monitor, and new services to optimize, every second counts for mobile network operators. In the latest version of Zen, users can benefit from new visualisation functionality, user defined grouping, cross-data auto-correlation and enhanced security features.

Read on to find out more about some of the top new features…


New: User defined grouping

This new feature allows users to be proactive with network performance at special events and specific regional areas. They can create an ad-hoc group of cells and automatically alert on threshold breaches for that sub-set.  Ideal for monitoring sporting events, concerts and high value corporate customers.


New: The latest data visualisation, performance enhancement and analytics

The Zen reporting server has been rebuilt to optimise query response times and introduce new visualisation functionality. Users can access their data at a faster rate, and gain rapid insights with ‘in-page’ tool tips, enhanced lasso selection and ‘in-flow analytics’. They can also benefit from detailed KPI decomposition and user definable busy hour reporting.


New: Cross data auto-correlation

The new cross-data auto-correlation technology within Zen allows operators to improve MTTR. This powerful technology enables root cause analysis, service impact analysis and complex event processing to name but a few examples.


New: Enterprise Active Directory security

Admin users can now connect Zen system access to their Enterprise Active Directory security environment. This gives users a smooth and familiar sign in experience, and can be used to securely manage user permissions.


To find out more details about all of these new features, take a look at the Zen 5.3 features presentation below, or book a live demonstration today.