See how CSPs are managing quad-play in our latest demonstration video

quad-play demo video from SysMech

Many CSPs have already made the leap to a converged network, offering their customers mobile, fixed telephony, broadband and TV all in one package. And with quad-play promising to be a significant new revenue stream with great potential for growth, many more CSPs look sure to follow. But with all these additional services, how are CSPs managing their delivery and performance?

In this latest demonstration video from SysMech, we show how Zen is being used to manage a converged network. By using one centralised network management solution, CSPs can easily see all of their services, essential to understanding the real customer experience, and identifying marketing opportunities within the existing customer base.

Viewers can see how Zen gives a snapshot of all services, and then rapidly drill down for more details. In this video we show how CSPs can compare TV performance with customer complaints, see which ISPs deliver the best and worst broadband service, and even see individual customers who are being affected by a specific fixed-line telephony exchange.



If you want to find out more about how Zen can manage your quad-play offering, get in touch today.