Say Hello to SysMech at the CEM Global Summit 2015


With customer experience remaining a high priority, the CEM Global summit will be addressing some of the major challenges faced by communication service providers across the globe.  The event will host over 40 speakers covering topics such as the use of real-time network intelligence to enhance customer satisfaction, and how to turn customer data into actionable insights.

Mark Slinger, Head of Product, will be attending the event, with a specific interest in real-time data, converting statistics into insights and customer experience management software. He will be joined by Keli Stockbridge, Marketing Manager, who will be looking to learn more about the use of social media in telecommunications and how the customer network experience is measured.

If you would like to meet with either Mark or Keli at the CEM Global Summit, running from the 26th – 28th January, please get in touch. To find out more about how SysMech’s Zen Software can support the optimization of customer experience, request a demo today.

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