Events: Meet SysMech at the CEM in Telecoms Nordic Summit


SysMech’s Rene Tonon will be joining an intimate group of 60 industry experts to take a look at some of the trends in customer experience management affecting the telecommunications industry. The CEM in Telecoms Nordic Summit will take place in Stockholm from the 14th – 16th April, and will look at how network operators are embedding customer-centricity into their businesses.



The topics covered include:

  • How to leverage the voice of the customer to initiate change.
  • The best approach to embedding customer centricity into business processes.
  • The role of social media in customer experience management.
  • Leveraging self-care channels to reduce costs.
  • The best metrics to use for measuring customer experience.


The team from Ikea will also be speaking at the event to showcase how customer experience management is being approached across other industry sectors. If you plan to attend the event, be sure to speak to Rene to find out more about the role of network service assurance in Customer Experience Management.

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