SysMech feature in Computing: What does the future hold for Hadoop distribution vendors?

This week SysMech’s Andy Stubley shares his thoughts on the future for Hadoop distribution vendors in an article entitled “Why the Hadoop distribution vendor bubble may just be set to burst”

Hadoop is certainly useful big data storage, there is no question about that. But when it comes to commercial applications, is Hadoop the answer? In the article, Andy looks at the monster Hadoop users such as Twitter and Facebook, in comparison to more typical business models. Andy suggests that combining open source with commercial applications is the way forward to achieve real-time data analysis, and timely report and query responses.

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Zen is a unified service assurance solution which can collect, process and analyse 100s of billions of counters in real time. It can also be integrated with open source data solutions such as Hadoop or mongo DB, providing complete flexibility when it comes to big data management.

Zen is used on a daily basis by mobile network operators to visualize the performance of the network, and to identify and quickly rectify any faults or performance issues.  Big Data Operational analytics is given to the entire network management team, rather than a few specialists, facilitating a business focus on opportunities for improvement rather than just mending faults.

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