The statistics behind Zen Unified Service Assurance Software

With so many new features being included in the next release of Zen, we’d like to share with readers some of the top statistics you might not know about our technology, our people and our accomplishments.

Our Technology

The classic approach has been to build telecommunication systems, each with its own management infrastructure, or at most shared in its own domain. But with the complexity, size and speed of the networks in place now, you have to do something different.

The Zen Vision: Zen has a vision where one unified system replaces all other data management systems in the operations domain. So that all of a network’s data is held in one place, is accessible to all and the interactions of different systems can be combined to pinpoint issues (transmission problems affecting Radio performance is a classic example).

Zen not only supports radio elements, but also supports core, transmission, small cells and countless other environments e.g. voicemail or Gateway Mobile Location Centres (GMLCs).  Zen is a solution incorporating radio and fixed wire solutions, with a roadmap towards media solutions.


Our Product

The Zen suite issues up to 10,000 ‘threshold alarms’ per day – meaning it identifies the underlying problem, e.g. a power failure, aggregates these sympathetic alarms, and summarises the failure in a single alarm. This delivers operational costs savings, as well as operational efficiency, and an increase in service availability.

It also reduces data latency by 60-90 per cent. This means the network performance data reaches the service operations team in a fraction of the time; so they are able to rectify customers issues whilst they are in contact with them rather than after the event has happened.

And, it evaluates use cases 75 million times per minute – this means the system is automatically monitoring and actioning 75 million potential issues in the network – clearly something massively beyond human capabilities. Furthermore, every 24 hours it…

  • …loads in excess of 30 billion records in real-time
  • …processes 33,000 actions per second
  • …runs 2 million actions per minute
  • …supports more than 80 types of fault and performance management interface


Our Customers, Partners and People

We count some of the world’s biggest companies as our friends!

In 2013, we incorporated HP Haven into the Zen product family and established ourselves as a leading application vendor among HP Vertica’s OEM partners. This partnership has helped Telcos optimise their networks and understand the experience of their customers, as well as enabling them to gain better insight into their data and act on the data stream, automatically and in real-time.

Turkcell is just one of our many large Telco customers. It operates one of the largest single mobile networks in Europe with 32 million subscribers, which means there’s a lot of data that needs monitoring to ensure its network operates consistently at full potential and delivers the best customer experience. Since 2013, we’ve been helping it to recover from network failures by correlating, in real-time, information from the network and identifying the root cause of the failure. This means less alarms to investigate, quicker recovery from failures, and increased service availability.

We look forward to having more stats to share by this time next year!