New features in Zen 6.1

Zen 6.1 features

Empowering engineers to take control of their network management


In our latest point release of Zen Operational Intelligence Software, we introduce a range of new features designed to give engineers greater control of their network management.


New alerting functionality delivers more meaningful insights

Zen 6.1 introduces automated aggregated alerting functionality. As well as creating automated alerts at the cell level, network engineers can now create automated alerts at the network class level, for example at the Radio Network Controller (RNC) level. With this new functionality, engineers can create more meaningful threshold breach alerts. This provides better insights across the entire network, enabling the prioritisation of network maintenance based on the biggest potential impact to subscribers.


New group definition methods facilitate flexible network monitoring

With Zen 6.1, network engineers can easily spin up a custom group to monitor and alert upon via a number of new methods. Users can manually enter a list of entities, upload a file, or directly select entities from the network topology itself.  Automated aggregated alerting can also be carried out on these newly created custom groups, saving network engineering resource by only investigating breaches across the entire group.

New sharing capabilities expands the reach of network insights

Zen 6.1 enables administrators to schedule reports to people outside of the direct Zen user group. Reports can be automatically distributed to an email list in the form of a csv, pdf or image file. With this new feature, CSPs can make data available to everyone in their business as well as outside partners, at no extra cost.


To find out more about the latest functionality in Zen 6.1 get in touch today to arrange a demonstration and discuss your specific needs.