Laying the right foundations – why architecture is so important in big data analytics


When it comes to big data, laying the right foundations is key. The amount of data produced on a daily basis is increasing exponentially, therefore it is essential that data management software is designed to accommodate this growth, from the ground up.

There are four essential components underlying successful big data applications;

  • Data Capture: Billions of data records in real time every day.
  • Data Loading: Real time database loading and storage.
  • Visualisation: Understanding the patterns and trends.
  • Automation: Operational efficiencies through automation.

SysMech takes advantage of HP Vertica in Zen, a software solution for managing  big data  in the telecommunications industry. The software is used across Europe and the Middle East to manage and optimise mobile and fixed line networks to improve coverage, speeds and new services such as TV Streaming. Vertica allows access to important data in real-time, along with offering scalability with no limits.

Andy Stubley, VP Sales and Marketing takes a look at the architectural requirements, and the benefits of Vertica for big data management.