Big Data Monetisation in Telecoms: Today’s Top Use Cases

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At Last week’s Big Data Monetisation in Telecoms event in London, some of the top thought leaders in the industry took the time to deliver a real range of use cases on monetisation, ranging from smart cities, to improving infrastructure efficiencies, to creating new partnerships and linking with different industries, such as retail. As Francois Bourquin of Orange described, with decreasing revenues from traditional sources, CSPs are successfully leveraging data as an asset to derive valuable intelligence to optimise the business, creating new sources of income and improving the brand by contributing to societal development.


For those of you who didn’t get a chance to attend the event, here’s a roundup of how some of the top operators are monetising big data, as well as some forward thinking ideas about how Big Data may help the development of new products and services.


Telefonica: A 360 Degree View

Richard Benjamins of Telefonica got the conference started with a pragmatic presentation on how to create value out of Big Data, taking us through some examples. Telefonica have an interesting approach with use cases for both external monetisation and internal monetisation, with for example network analytics and network optimisation based on high value customers.

Richard went on to explain how such Big Data solutions that offer a 360 view of customers can be leveraged across business departments. Richard believes that the adoption of such tools depends on their ability to empower departments to build their own dashboards, maximising the discovery of the intelligence underlying in the data available.


Deutsche Telekom: The External Monetisation of Big Data

Vit Soupal of Deutsche Telekom focused on external monetisation of Big Data, and the need for specialist partners who can provide solutions to link the intelligence available in network data with customers and third party businesses to enable mobile advertising. Oliver Holscheke from Deutsche Telekom also discussed how network data is used to improve OTT applications traffic, hence leveraging assets and increasing savings.


Du: Smart Cities, and CSP or DSP…or both?

Danial Tapiador, Director of Big Data Monetisation, New Business and Innovation at Du, presented some interesting use cases for Smart Dubai, demonstrating how anonymised aggregated network data can help to create a smart city. Daniel introduced the idea of operators moving from CSP to Data Service Provider (DSP), or wearing both hats.


Turk Telekom: Savings and New Sources of Revenue

Nevra Duygu Duru of Turk Telekom described the many ways network data is used internally and externally to provide savings and new sources of revenue to the business. Nevra explained for example how the improved detection and identification of power failures thanks to a better understanding of available data, has generated savings of $1m per annum to the business.


EE: Big Data as a direct revenue generator

Tracy Aypee of EE described use cases of monetisation using aggregated passive probing data, such as out of home advertising and providing intelligence on traffic patterns, with EE mData. mData is aggregated and anonymised mobile network usage data, based on groups of people, which provides intelligent insights.


Tele2: Traffic Control

Alf Thiel Metelius, Head of New Growth at Tele2, provided more examples of use of network data to improve the fluidity of automobile traffic. For example before and after special events, such as football games, the traffic lights might need adjusting to the unusual flow of traffic. This can be automated thanks to location based mobile data.


Thanks to all this year’s speakers – a great event and some truly fascinating use cases on how Big Data is currently being monetised, and some much appreciated ideas on how we can evolve with Big Data to continue to extract more value from it via new products and services.