Zen Users

Zen can be used by multiple business divisions to visualise their big data

Zen has been designed so that it can be used by multiple business units, which supports a common objective across many operators; to reduce a silo culture within their business.  The software has the ability to mediate any data feed from any technology, domain or vendor, which enables operators to bring together network data, customer data and marketing data into one centralised application. Zen also provides the foundations to software consolidation, which can be executed in a phased approach, to meet individual business needs and timescales.

Take a look at some of the ways different business divisions use Zen on a daily basis.


Network Operations & Service Operations

To rapidly identify and resolve faults and performance issues, the NOC and SOC depend on real time data in an easily digestible format. Zen allows operators to build custom reports incorporating fault, performance and customer data across the RAN, transmission, Core and VAS domains.

  • Real-time network performance monitoring – A real time view of network accessibility, availability, mobility and retainability. Ideal for monitoring dropped call rates, handover and geographical variances across the network.
  • Busy hour reporting – Detailed reporting of relevant KPI’s through responsive dashboards designed specifically for managing the grade of service during peak ‘busy hour’.
  • End-to-end service assurance of VoLTE – A complete end to end view of VoLTE, essential for managing the complex call flows associated with this technology.


Network Optimisation

Network optimisation teams require excellent visualisation tools to easily identify any emerging trends across the network. Zen offers multiple ways to display the most relevant information, and has unique play-back facilities so operators can easily see the changes happening across the network.

  • Usage & traffic trend analysis – Easily identify regular trends of increased usage and data traffic by user type, geography and network equipment.
  • Predictive degradation analytics – Use real-time network data to predict future component degradation and rectify problematic areas before customers are impacted.
  • Special events – Optimise the network for special events such as music festivals and sporting events, to ensure sufficient coverage for customers.


End-to-end quality

End-to-end quality personnel require a complete view of all services as the pass through the entire network. Zen enables them to see calls and data pass through the radio, transmission and core domains, allowing them to track and monitor the entire service as it would be experience by the customer.

  • Real time quality of service monitoring – Gain real time insights on the quality of service experience by different user groups, different technologies and different geographies.
  • Customer impact analysis – Analysing the impact of changes on the network by linking data from the network, and incident management tools. Easily identify continual trends which are impacting customer experience, and rapidly rectify them.
  • New service quality and performance – Monitor the uptake of new services such as VoLTE and voice over Wi-fi. Dashboards can provide a complete end-to-end view of the service, easily identifying any weak areas in the call flow.


Customer Care

Customer care teams require real time insights into the status of the network to enable them to successfully support customers at the point of interaction. Zen can be used by 1st line and 2nd line support to drill down to a specific geographical area, postcode or individual subscriber and correlate this with network data to see planned outages, equipment faults and real time performance.

  • Fault and Maintenance Insights – Easily see the status of the network in real time, and drill down through data to identify specific regions, town and individual customers.
  • Customer Tickets – See active tickets on the system along with their status and planned resolution, enabling rapid customer updates.


Corporate sales

Corporate sales teams need regular updates regarding the service being delivered to their customers and VIP’s. Zen can provide this information on a regular basis through automated reports and dashboards.

  • Corporate service performance – Gain a top line overview of the performance of all of the services delivered to a specific customer over a defined period.
  • SLA Dashboard – Monitor performance against service level agreements and receive automatic alerts when major breaches occur.



Network planning teams need a long term insight into the network performance to achieve a good understanding of supply versus demand and user behaviour.

  • Network element utilisation – See the usage of individual elements across the entire network covering RAN, transmission and core to support future planning and equipment allocation.
  • User behavior trends – Gain detailed insights into user behavior down to the individual cell to analyse daily and weekly usage trends.


As a telecoms professional of 14 years, I can honestly say that SysMech’s Zen toolset is one of the best performance evaluation platforms I’ve used to date. It allows for a multitude of datasources to be viewed e.g .RAN, TX & Core, allowing the user true end to end capability.

Paul Christie – NEM Engineer – Vodafone Ireland