Manage the performance of your whole network from one intelligent platform

Zen Service Assurance Software is a unique solution for managing and utilising telecoms big data. The software gives network operators the complete end-to-end viability they need to successfully manage and optimise the customers experience across all services.


End-to-end visibility of all network domains

Zen can store, process and visualise data from any network domain from the radio network through to the IMS. This enables operators to successfully plan, manage and optimise the customers’ quality of experience across all of their services, from start to finish.


All data feeds in one central toolnetwork domains covered by Zen

Not only does Zen look at network data, it can also bring in big data feeds from practically any other source. This means operators can see customer data, probe data, billing data and social media data alongside their network data. This is essential for managing newer, more complex services such as VoLTE.


Improving operators’ workdays with intelligent automation capabilities

With a vast increase in data from new services (VoLTE, IPTV etc.) and sources (social media, CEM systems etc.) an operator’s workday is becoming increasingly overloaded. The only way to improve this is through intelligent automation. Zen’s patented automation engine allows operators to improve efficiency through automation tactics such as fault alarm aggregation, automatic customer grouping and proactive customer correspondence.


A multitude of use cases, all enhancing the customer experience

Because Zen has the capacity for any data feed, it can be used by all business divisions ranging from network operations through to customer care. The software is highly flexible, delivering solutions including VoLTE management, quad-play management and self-discovering network topology to name a few.

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To see how Zen can enhance your organisation, request a demo, and see your own data in a Zen POC.