Zen Functionality

See the real-time network monitoring functionality Zen has to offer

Zen is unique in the functionality if offers to network operators. The software solution has been designed to empower network engineers to take control of their own networks, eliminating dependence on specialist programmers or equipment vendors. The solution gives users complete flexibility to develop new reports and dashboards, create their own monitored groups and set up automatic alerts and actions. And all of this can be achieved from Zen’s graphical user interface, without the need for programming skills.

Read on to see the functionality Zen provides to its users.

Manage all data from one application

As telecommunication networks have grown, operators have seen an influx in network equipment and associated OSS tools. Zen’s multiple data interfaces have been designed and built to communicate in near-real time with any network equipment, EMS or OSS/BSS solution, providing a central application for all network, service and customer data.

  • Zen mediates data from any source, providing network operators with a centralised window for big data analytics.
  • Zen utilises a high-speed column database in combination with proprietary data interfaces to enable near real-time network and service analytics.

Take control with a user-friendly GUI for custom reports and alerts

It is often the case that network engineers are reliant on solution providers or a small team of specialists when it comes to creating new reports and dashboards. This can often take weeks to schedule, at which point the data is no longer relevant. Zen overcomes this challenge by providing all users with a graphical user interface for the creation of new reports and dashboards in a matter of minutes.

  • Zen’s graphical user interfaces lets users build their own interactive reports and dashboards, with a simple ‘drag and drop’ approach.
  • Zen’s user-definable grouping allows network engineers to be proactive with network performance at special events, busy regions and VIP customers.
  • The Zen GUI allows users to create automatic alerts based upon defined performance threshold breaches and performance degradations.

Get better insights with advanced visualisation capabilities

We have partnered with Tableau, a leader within the BI and analytics field, to bring the best visualisation functionality to Zen users. Embedded within Zen, users can quickly and easily identify service performance and usage trends by using a variety of visualisation mechanisms.

  • Zen provides a wide range of visualisation mechanisms, including tables, graphs, heat maps, histograms, tree-maps and Pareto charts.
  • Zen interactive dashboards allow users to link multiple visualisations within one window to quickly drill down through data layers.
  • Using Zen’s data playback functionality, users can visualise long term data trends in a video style.

Take a service centric approach with complex data correlation

At the heart of Zen is its data correlation engine, which provides the cross-data, auto-correlation functionality essential to service-centric operations. Zen can correlate most data sources to enable a host of use cases including service modelling, alarm reduction, automated trouble ticket creation, QoS alerting and performance/NPS correlation.

  • Zen can correlate network topology, network faults, network performance and service catalogue data to enable service modelling, essential to service-centric operations.
  • Zen’s correlation engine allows network engineers to significantly reduce incoming alarms by identifying and minimising low level alarms that require no intervention.
  • Zen allows network engineers to correlate network and service performance data with customer experience data to better understand customer perception and experience.

Simplify administration tasks

The administration of software solutions can often prove to be a difficult and time consuming task. Zen has a number of built-in administration modules that are designed to simplify system administration processes, freeing up more time to focus on improving service performance and customer satisfaction.

  • Zen has two user levels, offering the functionality to create and share reports dashboards, or view and interact with reports and dashboards.
  • Zen automatically alerts to abnormal data loading or low disk space, removing manual monitoring processes.
  • Zen can directly connect to an existing Enterprise Active Directory security environment enabling a secure single sign-on experience.