Fault Management Systems Integration

Zen integrates with existing or legacy Fault Management systems, enabling operators to correlate all their data into one tool, independent of vendor.

TeMIP and Netcool

For operators with existing or legacy fault management systems, SysMech have designed and built a data mediation framework with a comprehensive library of interfaces. These interfaces give operators the ability to correlate all of their big data into one tool, independent of the vendor. This enables a cost effective, staged approach to software consolidation, bringing network and customer data into one centralised solution.

SysMech’s data mediation framework is completely vendor independent, designed to process all events and data types from multiple sources across a business. At the core of the technology is a high speed mapping and routing engine that can easily process and transform tens of thousands of events per second. It’s scaleable, distributed architecture means that it is suitable for high volume, real-time applications.


Benefits of the Zen Mediation Framework

  • Deployment on multiple platforms
  • Operates across multi-vendor, heterogeneous environments
  • High throughput and rapid implementation times
  • Scaleable, distributed architecture – suitable for high volume real time applications
  • Well partitioned, modular, non-stop architecture
  • Mature and proven in large scale carrier class environments
  • Based on industry standards


Top HP TeMIP Interfaces

  • HP TeMIP – Zen Fault Management integration
  • HP TeMIP – IBM Netcool OMNIbus integration
  • HP TeMIP – Remedy ARS Trouble Ticketing system (JSR91)
  • HP TeMIP – IBM Maximo Asset Management (JSR90, JSR91)
  • HP TeMIP – Zen Intellect™ Proximity Correlation (JSR90)
  • HP TeMIP – Netcracker CIA (JSR263)


Top IBM Netcool Interfaces

  • IBM Netcool OMNIbus – Zen Fault Management integration
  • IBM Netcool OMNIbus – HP TeMIP integration
  • IBM Netcool OMNIbus – Remedy ARS Trouble Ticketing system (JSR90)
  • IBM Netcool OMNIbus – IBM Maximo Asset Management (JSR90, JSR91)
  • IBM Netcool OMNIbus – Zen Intellect™ Proximity Correlation (JSR90)
  • IBM Netcool OMNIbus – Netcracker CIA JSR263)


Top HP Operation Manager Interfaces

  • HP Operations Manager (OVO) – Zen Fault Management integration
  • HP Operations Manager (OVO) – Zen Intellect™ Proximity Correlation (JSR90)
  • HP Operations Manager (OVO)- Netcracker CIA (JSR263)


For a complete list of available interfaces, or to discuss your specific requirements, please get in touch.