Network Performance Management

Introducing Zen Network Performance Management Industry Needs As revenues dilute within the telecommunications industry, CSPs must focus on subscriber retention and growth through a superior network experience. This is not only true for the mobile network, but also fixed line, home broadband and IP-TV. This comes as no surprise, when over 40% of customer complaints … Continued

Network Fault Management

Introducing Zen Network Fault Management Industry Needs In today’s competitive landscape, ensuring continual availability of the telecommunications network is essential. As infrastructure has grown, so too has the number of alarms generated from mobile and fixed line networks. To be successful in maintaining and optimising these networks, Service Providers have turned to a new generation … Continued

NFV Analytics

Zen NFV Analytics for Telecoms   Industry Needs With the promise of reducing capital expenditure for Telcos and enabling much faster service introduction times, NFV development is a priority for most CSPs. Since the original ETSI specification work in 2013, developments have progressed in the direction of multilayer orchestration. The intent today is to apply … Continued

Service Operations Centre

Introducing Zen Service Operations Centre for Telecoms Industry Needs As the telecommunications market has become saturated, operators have embraced new ways to differentiate. For many, this differentiation comes in the form of a better quality of service. To achieve this, operators are embarking on a transition from network-centric operations to service-centric operations. However, old operational … Continued

Customer Experience Management

Introducing Zen Customer Experience Management for Telecoms Industry Needs Traditionally service providers have been margin rich, however as the telecoms industry has evolved, they have faced commoditisation and have seen an influx of fresh competition. In today’s market, CSPs must differentiate through outstanding customer experience to both retain existing customers and facilitate future growth. With … Continued