End-to-end network visibility is key to VoLTE success (Featured in VanillaPlus 2015)

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  • Published on May 16, 2016
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In this thought leadership article, featured in VanillaPlus magazine (April - May 2015), SysMech's Head of Product, Mark Slinger discusses the importance of end-to-end network visibility for managing VoLTE.

"There is no denying that VoLTE will offer new possibilities for high-definition, high-capacity communications and open the door to new revenue streams through combined offerings of rich communication services like video voicemail and instant messaging alongside voice.

However, communications service providers (CSPs) are finding that rollouts are, in a real setting much harder than lab trials, with voice (over IP) quality susceptible to service performance degradation as different vendors and multiple technologies come together."

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