Zen Network Management Software

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The modern Communications Service Provider (CSP) is continually evolving as new technologies emerge and customer’s behaviours change over time. As their networks advance and expand, they must ensure retention and growth in their customer base, whilst also reducing costs and delivering efficiencies. To achieve this they must take a fresh approach to how they manage and optimise their network performance, and subsequent customer experience, utilising an advanced network management solution.

Introducing Zen network management software

Traditionally, mobile networks have been built in classic ‘stove pipes’; purchased, implemented, delivered and managed in isolation. However, as new technologies are introduced (e.g. VoLTE, small cells, VoWiFI etc.) this approach is no longer fit for purpose. To fully understand the performance of the network, operators require an uninterrupted, end-to-end view across every technology. This is especially so as CSP’s diversify and introduce multiple new services into their offering such as fixed line and IP TV.

The Zen Platform has been developed to specifically address this need. It is a central network management solution which consolidates real-time analytics, service assurance and customer experience management into one umbrella solution. It incorporates multiple applications such as network performance management, network fault management, cross domain root cause analysis and customer experience management.

Animation – an introduction to Zen network management software

Watch our short animation to understand the full capability of Zen for mobile network management.

Zen users

Zen goes a step further than traditional network management solutions, offering dashboards to support not only network management, but the network planning process, customer care teams and corporate sales. This means that it has multiple use cases:


Zen Roadmap

Looking ahead, the Zen development roadmap focuses on delivering on our business mission:

  • Real-time analytics to everyone
  • 1 click visualisation to automation
  • Self-managing and healing applications
  • Self analysing networks

We want to give our customers network management software in which they are confident will meet all of their current, and future needs. A tool which is highly flexible, can manage any data stream and can enhance operators’ daily routines. We want to give our customers Zen.

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Why Choose Zen?


As a telecoms professional of 14 years, I can honestly say that SysMech’s Zen toolset is one of the best performance evaluation platforms I’ve used to date. It allows for a multitude of datasources to be viewed e.g .RAN, TX & Core, allowing the user true end to end capability.

Paul Christie – NEM Engineer – Vodafone Ireland