Why Choose Zen

Take a look at just some of the unique features and benefits of Zen

We have taken a unique approach to developing a unified service assurance solution which meets our customers’ exact individual needs. Zen has been designed and built by our in-house team of experienced developers to deliver real-time analytics to hundreds of users. It is highly flexible, and has multiple use cases, ranging from network planning, alarm automation or customer experience management. Zen service assurance software has been designed to adapt to change, so new technologies and services can be rapidly integrated, making it truly future-proof.

Zen Service Assurance Software Features and Benefits

Continue reading to see some of the unique features and benefits of Zen unified service assurance software ranging from end-to-end network visibility, intelligent automation and user defined real-time monitoring. Visit the SysMech news page to keep up to date with version updates, introducing new features and functionality, driven by our customer’s needs.

One centralised application providing an end-to-end view of the entire network

Zen is architected to cover all network and customer domains, and correlate these, enabling enhanced understanding of the network performance and facilitate advance root cause analysis and impact analysis.  This unique architecture allows for a massive reduction in apps, user interfaces, databases and platforms within a typical CSP.

  • • Deliver OSS transformation with a fully functional, cross domain application.
  • • Directly correlate fault, performance and customer data in one screen.
  • • Realise significant cost savings upon implementation, licensing and support.

Intelligent automation technology to optimize user resource

The vast majority of network data and events in a service assurance system need no, or minimal action. Zen enables all these low level events to be managed automatically and alerted for human intervention only when necessary. At one of our customer sites, Zen is processing in excess of 40 billion counters per day and 150 million cell KPI thresholds for breach conditions, all automatically.

  • Reduce incoming alarms by up to 80%.
  • Identify network issues faster by eliminating the ‘background noise’ of minor alarms.
  • Optimize operator resource with improved prioritization of fault and performance issues.

Best in class visualization to support data interpretation

In a big data environment, it is impossible for humans to successfully manage and interpret tens of billions of records on a daily basis. The human brain only works to this scale in pictures and images -Zen service assurance software offers advanced visualisation to give the best possible pictures and graphical representations to interpret, interact and explore big data.


  • Rapidly locate service and performance issues through powerful mapping technology.
  • Easily drill down through multiple levels of data using Zen’s responsive dashboards.
  • Effortlessly see performance trends play out with Zen’s unique data playback functionality.

User defined real-time monitoring for rapid response times

Zen utilizes real-time data loading in conjunction with a real-time database, minimizing the time it takes for important data to reach the operator. The advanced technology behind Zen allows users to define their own reporting parameters, specifying data peaks and troughs, deviations and long term trends.

  • Achieve a real-time view of network performance issues, allowing you to rectify faults before they affect the customer.
  • Create new reports at a rapid rate by putting data analyst tools directly in the hands of the operator.
  • Eliminate vendor dependency for report modifications and updates.

Service Monitoring for advanced customer impact analysis

Zen can model customers and services, and relate these to the network infrastructure for visualisation and automation. A performance degradation or a network fault is visually linked  to  the  impacted  services  and  customers,  typically  in  a  tabular  representation  with aggregation/explosion  by  customer  and  service.

  • • Automatically detect service impact based on network fault data.
  • • Compare service delivery to agreed SLAs and alert upon breaches.
  • • Visualised mobile and fixed line services from one application.

Futureproof software with seamless integration of new technologies

By using industry standard interfaces, Zen has been designed with the specific purpose of adapting to change. The software can easily import information from other systems and integrate new technologies such as VoLTE and 5G.

  • Bring new technologies to market ahead of your competitors.
  • Take a phased approach to implementation to facilitate business justification and minimise risk.
  • Have the confidence that your chosen service assurance tool is futureproof.

Cost effective scale out through a multi-tenancy mode

Zen naturally operates within a fully scalable, multi-tenancy mode, allowing CSP sister companies to take advantage of an existing installment. A group member can utilise the hardware platform, database and Zen core modules already in use by another group member, and add its own interfaces and dashboards to deliver a rapid, cost effective solution.

  • Implement group wide tools and processes in a cost effective manner.
  • Scale your primary network management tool in line with business growth.