End-to-end network visibility is key to VoLTE Success – SysMech feature in VanillaPlus magazine

SysMech’s Mark Slinger shares his thoughts and experience on making VoLTE roll outs a success in the May 2015 edition of VanillaPlus Magazine. In his ‘Expert Opinion’ feature, Mark takes a look at the importance of an end to end software solution for VoLTE service management.

Im the article, Mark discusses:

  • Some of the issues operators have faced which have delayed VoLTE roll-outs.
  • How operators can offer real time customer experience management when it comes to VoLTE.
  • The importance of data automation to manage the ‘big data’ influx associalted to VoLTE
  • The long term implications operators face as VoLTE services inevitably expand


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