We Provide CSP's with the tools they need to successfully manage their big data

Who we are


SysMech are a provider of software solutions for the telecommunications industry. We specialise in leading edge applications which enable CSP’s to successfully optimise their networks and deliver true business value from big data. Tier 1 operators across Europe and the Middle East have chosen SysMech because of our industry expertise, customer dedication and unique ability to deliver a complete end-to-end view of the network from one window.


Our Vision


To facilitate business improvements by delivering insights, automation and predictive analytics from big data


At SysMech we believe that the potential of big data is amazing – but only if it can effectively work to solve business problems. We aim to provide high-tech industries across the globe with the tools they need to identify actionable insights in their their data. And most importantly, through cost savings, process optimization, market insights and customer retention, justify business systems and deliver on objectives of the business.


Real-time analytics to everyone

To give everyone the tools and the information needed to leverage real-time big data analytics.

Self-healing applications

To advance software to the point in which it can automatically manage and heal itself and the data passing through it.

Self-analyzing networks

To deliver self-analyzing functionality to combat the challenge of diagnosing problems and optimizing networks which can no longer be carried out by humans alone.

Meet the Team


Rob Green

Rob is one of our founders, who now heads up the business, defining the strategy and future direction.

Peter Godfrey

Peter is one of our founders, with extensive hands on experience in computer programming. He brings a high level of dedication and technical knowledge to the team.

Chris Mathews

Chris is one of our founders, heading up our R&D department, identifying and developing new cutting edge technology.

John McAdam

John is an advisory board member who joined the team in 2015 to support the business growth in new markets and take SysMech to the next level.

Fergal Kelly

Fergal is an advisory board member who focuses on building the product direction and business strategy.

Management Team

Andy Stubley

As COO, Andy oversees all operations at SysMech, ensuring efficient and effective business activity.

Mark Slinger

As Head of Product, Mark leads the product development team and is responsible for the overall product direction.

Vicki Rogers

As Head of Projects & Engineering Services, Vicki ensures the successful delivery and support of SysMech's Zen software.

Neil Murray

As Chief Architect, Neil is responsible for defining the foundations and technology in the Zen software solution.

Josh Watson

As Head of Product Development, Josh and his team are responsible for executing the software build.

Keli Stockbridge

As the Marketing Manager, Keli is responsible for promoting the SysMech brand and entering new markets.

Garry Wise

As Customer Support Manager, Garry is responsible for delivering exceptional service to the Zen customer base.