The two routes to big data monetisation in telecoms

It is no secret that profits in the telecoms industry have taken a hit in recent years. So the promise of new revenues through big data monetisation is a welcome one. Over the past 12 months the big data monetisation hype has transformed from talk to action, and two clear routes to big data monetisation … Continued

17 predictions for 2017 – what lies ahead for big data analytics in telecoms?

2016 has been a year of transition for many CSPs. We have seen numerous NFV projects initiated and new 5G developments announced on a monthly basis. This transition looks set to continue into 2017 as data monetisation becomes a reality, prediction technology advances and the concept of ‘data for social good’ arrives. Read our 17 … Continued

The importance of LTE-Advanced on the road to 5G

LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) has been a topic of interest in the telecoms industry for a number of years, promising increased data speeds never seen before. Asia and the USA have led the way with commercial LTE-A launches as early as 2013, and in the last 12 months Europe has followed; a handful of trials have even … Continued