NOC vs SOC – The changing role of the telecoms operations centre

Today’s mobile network operators are certainly familiar with change within their operations centres; they have rapidly transitioned from a single technology, single service network to a multi-technology, multi-service network in just a few decades. And now they face their next big operational change; the advent of the Service Operations Centre (SOC). So what is a … Continued

Is network performance management in telecoms dead?

Network operations centres (NOC’s) have been around since the early 1960’s; operators would monitor the status of switchboards for the most important toll switches and routing information. In essence, this was the earliest form of network performance management within telecoms. Over the past 50 years NOC’s have changed a lot, but network performance management has … Continued

The A – Z of Mobile Network Analytics

The telecommunications industry has hundreds, if not thousands of terms and abbreviations that are used on a daily basis. And as the industry evolves, that number is set to grow. In this A-Z we drill down to some of today’s top terms in Mobile Network Analytics. From the well-known ones like Big Data and Hadoop, … Continued

The drive to one central OSS tool – is it possible?

Today’s networks have now reached a critical state, in which the plethora of traditional OSS tools can no longer meet the demand of a typical communications service provider (CSP); end-to-end network visibility, cross domain customer experience management and real-time data to name but a few. This is driving OSS transformation projects across the globe, but … Continued